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Nothing beats the real thing - but if you missed our weekly speaker, here's your chance to see their presentation. Feel free to share with your friends and family, however please be sure to credit our speakers when you do!

Charlie Hermosa

American President Line (APL), Guam & Micronesia General Manager

Pandemic Update and Opportunity, Shipping Industry Update- Zoom Presentation


Access Password: w90f?uxK

Dr. Juan Flores

Superintendent for the Catholic Schools

Catholic School Update - Zoom Presentation


Access Password: iU%4&2eF

David Dell’Isola

Department of Labor Director

DOL Update - Zoom Presentation


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Dr. George Macris

Lockdown iLLogic and Trump's tonic - Zoom Presentation


Access Password: qp3X^@HJ

Attorney Rachael Ayuyu

Litigating Guam’s Quarantine Requirements and Business Closures. - Zoom Presentation


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Dr. Annette T. Santos, Dean

UOG School of Business and Public Administration

"Our Path Forward (COVID-19)" - Zoom Presentation


Access Password: ?5yqs74M

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Dr. Tom Pool

The Cancer Miracle! It's Not a Cure - It's Prevention

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